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16.2 preterite of creer, leer, construir, oir; cae

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yo leí
I read
tú leiste
you (fam sing) read
él leyó
he read
nosotros leímos
we read
ustedes leyeron
you all read
yo oí
I heard
tú oiste
you (fam. sing) heard
ella oyó
she heard
caerle bien/mal
to make a good/bad impression, to like/dislike someone
me caí
I fell down
te caíste
you (fam sing) fell down
se cayó
he, she, you fell down
nos caimos
we fell down
se cayeron
they, you all fell down
to build; construct
I built
you built (fam sing)
he, she, you built
we built
Me cayó bien
He/she impressed me. He/she fell on me well
a nosotros nos cayeron bien
We liked them They fell on us well
A ti te cayó bien
You liked him/her He/she fell on you well
A él le cayó mal
He doesn't like him. He didn't fall on him well
nosotros nos queremos
we love each other