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#5 Verbs with reciprocal actions

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to help each other
nosotros nos ayudamos
we help each other
ustedes se ayudan
you help each other
ellas se ayudan
they (f) help each other
to hug each other
nosotros nos abrazamos
we hug each other
ellos se abrazan
they hug each other
contarse cuentos/chistes
to tell each other stories/jokes
ustedes se cuentan chistes
you (f pl) tell each other stories
to love each other
ellos se quieren
they love each other
nosotros nos queremos
we love each other
to respect each other
ustedes se respetan
you (f. pl) respect each other
nosotros nos respetamos
we respect each other
nos ayudabamos
we used to help each other
ellos se respetaban
they used to respect each other