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A film that is based on a narrative or scenario from another source of art or entertainment such as literature, television, theatre, comic books or computer games.
Aerial shot
A moving shot where the camera is filming from above the action.
Deliberately repeating an aspect of another film in order to evoke its themes.
Arthouse cinema
General term used to describe non-American and American independent films that deliberately defy the conventions of classical Hollywood cinema.
Aspect ratio
The ratio of the width of the frame to the height of the frame.
Back light
Light placed behind the subject, in order to fill the setting with light.
A fade out into black.
Bullet time
Extreme slow motion effects that are only now achievable through digital film technology.
The camera is placed either partially or completely on its side.
Cause and effect relationship
The relationship between an element of the film that causes change and the elements that are affected by that change. The narrative is developed as a chain of causes and their effects.