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Nondiagetic sound
A sound that exists beyond the world of a film; it can be heard by the audience but not by the characters.
Normal lens
A type of camera lens with a middle focal length, which therefore does not distort perspective.
Objective view
The audience sees the characters’ actions nut does not share their perceptions of events and the world surrounding them.
A setting that is the actual place where the action occurs.
Open-ended conclusion
A conclusion lacking the conventional closure that occurs when everything in the narrative is explained and accounted for.
Out of focus
Appearing blurry or fuzzy.
Over cranking
moving the film through the camera at a quicker rate than usual so that more than 24 frames per second are taken. When the film is then projected at the standard speed, the images move slower.
Describes a shot that is too bright, due to more light than usual being allowed to pass through the camera lens during filming.
Overlapping editing
An editing technique which creates the illusion that time is ‘stretched out’, a series of shots show the same event from different angles.
A camera movement that changes the horizontal angle of a shot during filming by rotating a fixed camera from side to side.