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A film to video or DVD transfer which changes the shape of the picture to match the shape of a conventional television.
Perceptual subjectivity
The audience sees and hears only what a particular character would; the audience experiences the film from the character’s sensory point of view.
The illusion that the elements in a shot are at varying distances from the audience, even though they are viewed on a two-dimensional screen.
How high or low the frequency of a sound is.
All the events depicted in the film plus all the nondiegetic elements, such as the soundtrack and credit sequences.
Point-of-view shot (POV)
A first-person or subjective shot that represents what a character would see.
Postmodern films
Films that contain a genuine fondness for, and a critique of, the genre that they reference. They also display a self-awareness about the fact that they, too, belong to that genre.
Objects that appear in the setting and/or interact with characters.
The major character driving the narrative.
Quick editing
A sequence of very brief shots.