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Realistic acting
An acting style that appears to be natural and does not draw attention to itself.
The conclusion of a narrative.
Restricted information
The audience receives information about what is occurring in a film at the same time as one character or a small group of characters who are central to the narrative.
Revisionist films
Films that subvert of ‘break the rules’ of specific genres to critique society and to challenge the mythology associated with that genre.
Rhythmic match
An editing technique that matches the rhythm of a movement in one shot with a movement in the next shot.
A collection of shots arranged, through editing, in a specific order.
The physical location of the film’s story.
Short focal length
A distorted perspective that makes the distances between objects appear greater than they are.
A continuous pieces of filming without interruption or edits.
An editing pattern which leads the audience to assume that the second shot is related to the first shot.