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A shot/counter-shot pattern in which both shots are of characters. This pattern creates the impression that two characters, shown in separate shots, are talking to each other.
Side lighting
Light shone directly at the side of the subject.
Slow editing
Editing that creates longer shots than usual.
Slow motion
The images being projected appear to be moving slower than usual.
Social values
The opinions, attitudes, arguments and beliefs that are promoted or questioned in a film.
What is heard during a film.
Sound bridge
A sound effect that links scenes together. Sounds can be heard before the scene featuring the source of those sounds begins, or they can continue after the relevant scene has finished.
Sound motif
A recurring sound that is associated with specific visuals, themes or moods.
Special edition
Usually an extended version of a film released by the studio or distributor; often contains new or alternate scenes, previously deleted scenes and/or new special effects.
The rate at which frames are filmed and then projected to create the illusion of movement. The standard speed of film is twenty-four frames per second.