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A humorous version of a film in which the conventions of the original film’s genre are parodied – that is, imitated and made to appear ridiculous for comic effect.
Static shot
A still shot without camera movement or change in focus.
All the events depicted in a film plus all the implied events that the audience does not see.
Straight-on angle
The camera is parallel to the ground and films directly in front of itself.
Stylised acting
A style of acting where the actor deliberately exaggerates or distorts their acting style.
A specific category of films that forms a subset of a broader genre.
Subverting generic conventions
‘Breaking the rules’ of the genre and therefore not meeting audience expectations.
Telephoto lens
A camera lens with a long focal length; distorts perspective by making the distances between objects appear less than they are.
Telescopic shot
A shot using a special telescopic camera to film objects that are too distant to be filmed with a normal camera.
Theatrical version
The version of a film that was screened in cinemas when first released.