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What a film is essentially about. The theme is conveyed through the narrative, the behaviour of the characters and the style of the film.
Three-point lighting
The standard classical Hollywood system of lighting; commonly used to create realism by combining a back light, a key light and a fill light.
A camera movement that changes the vertical angle of a shot by rotating a fixed camera up and down.
The tone or ‘warmth’ of a sound.
Time-lapse photography
Extreme fast motion that can be used to create the impression of an entire day passing in a few seconds.
Top lighting
Light show onto the subject from above.
Tracking shot
A shot produced by mounting the camera on a piece of equipment (a dolly) to move smoothly in a straight line as it follows the action.
A dramatic moment in the narrative that the audience does not anticipate; often brought about by an unexpected revelation.
Under cranking
Moving the film through the camera at a slower rate than usual so that fewer than 24 frames per second are taken. When the film is then projected at the standard speed, the images move faster.
Under lighting
Light shone up onto the subject from below.