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A shot that is too dark, due to less light than usual being allowed to pass through the camera lens during filming.
Unrestricted information
The audience knows more about what is happening in the film than any of the characters.
The loudness or softness of a sound.
A fade out into white.
Wide-angle lens
A camera lens with a short focal length; distorts perspective by making the distances between objects appear greater than they are.
A film to video or DVD transfer in which black bars are placed at the top and bottom of the screen to keep the same aspect ratio for a film on a TV.
A type of edit in which a dividing line appears on screen, passes over the first shot ‘wiping’ it away and replaces it with the next shot.
Zoom lens
A camera lens that can change focal length during a shot; allows the filmmaker to alter the perspective while filming.
Zooming in
Increasing the focal length during a shot so that the camera appears to be moving closer to the subjects being filmed.
Zooming out
Decreasing the focal length during a shot so that the camera appears to be moving away from the subjects being filmed.