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Cinema Studies
The discipline in which films are analysed and studied.
The art of capturing images on moving film.
Classical Hollywood cinema
A style of filmmaking pioneered by filmmakers in the US and the dominant style of Western cinema today.
Classical Hollywood narrative structure
the most common and dominant narrative structure. The cause-effect relationship is facilitated by a motivated, goal-oriented character creating change by overcoming obstacles.
A shot where there is very little distance between the camera and the subject.
Computer Generated Image (CGI)
Computer-generated elements of mise-en-scene that are added to the film after it has been shot.
What ensues in a classical Hollywood narrative as the protagonist struggles to overcome an obstacle that prevents them from obtaining their goal.
The clothes, make-up and accessories worn by the characters.
Crane shot
A shot where the camera is attached to a mechanical arm so it can be lifted above the ground and moved in all directions while filming.
Cutting back and forth between scenes, thus linking the space of those scenes.