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The most common edit and the standard way of separating one shot from another. One shot ends and the next begins immediately.
A shot of a contrasting element inserted between tow principal shots to break them up.
Deep focus
A shot where all objects are in focus.
Depth of field
The extent to which the objects in the shot are in focus. The more objects in focus, the greater the shot’s depth of field.
Everything contained within the world of the film.
Diagetic element
An element within the world of the film.
Diagetic sound
Sound that originates from a character or object within the film and can therefore be heard by the characters as well as by the audience.
Director's cut
A version of a film in which the director has made changes, such as re-editing, in order to generate a definitive version for the film that matches their original vision.
An edit which briefly overlaps one shot with the next. The first shot ‘dissolves’ into the second.
A film consisting of real-life footage and interviews in order to represent and comment on real events.