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Dolly shot
Another name for a tracking shot named after the equipment (dolly) used to create tracking shots.
A break in the film where one shot finishes and the next shot begins.
The art of placing shots together in a specific order to generate a meaningful relationship between them.
An editing effect where an action on film occurs in less time than it would actually take.
Establishing shot
An extreme long shot that introduces the setting of a scene.
The amount of light that passes through the camera lens while filming.
Extreme close-up
A ‘tight’ shot that captures one specific aspect of the subject. It requires the distance between camera and subject to be as short as possible.
Extreme long shot
A shot of a landscape or city taken at great distance, so that it is nearly impossible to distinguish specific details or recognize any of the characters.
Eye-line match
An editing effect used during a shot/reverse-shot pattern to further establish the relationship between the two shots. The actors look out of frame to where the person they are speaking to would be.
An edit where the shot dissolves to or from black.