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Fade in
A fade where the shot begins by dissolving from black.
Fade out
A fade where the shot ends by dissolving into black.
Fast motion
The images being projected appear to be moving quicker than usual.
Fill light
A light near the camera that is used to remove the shadows cast by a key light.
Film-literature audience
An audience that has a knowledge of films and how films are constructed to generate meaning.
Film stock
The physical material (celluloid) on which images are captured by a camera. This is then run through a projector to be illuminated, so that the recorded images are projected onto a screen in front of
Film style
The visual element to a film (sometimes referred to as film ‘language’).
A scene or scenes portraying earlier events than those depicted in previous scenes.
A scene or scenes portraying events that occur at a point in the future, edited to precede the scenes depicting events leading up to that point.
Focal length
A property of the camera lens that determines the depth of field and magnification of the filmed images. Different lenses have different focal lengths and hence affect how perspective is represented.