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The degree of clarity and sharpness with which the audience sees the actors and objects in a film.
The border or edge of the projected image.
The small still photographs that are recorded on film and then projected onto the cinema screen at a rate of twenty-four per second to create the illusion of continuous movement.
The art of deciding which images the audience sees and how those images are arranged within the frame of each shot.
Freeze frame
An image that is frozen; a still image.
Frontal lighting
Light shone directly onto the subject from the front.
Generic conventions
The characteristics of a film that identify it as belonging to a specific genre.
A ‘type’ of film (e.g. Western, science fiction, musical) with a set of narrative and stylistic ‘rules’ that filmmakers adhere to, and with which audiences are familiar.
Graphic match
An editing technique where shots are edited together based on a visual similarity between them. A graphic match may be based on colours, a prominent object or actors with a similar shape.
Handheld shot
A shot where the camera is not mounted on a stable object like a tripod, dolly or crane, but instead is held by a person, creating a jerky and bumpy movement in the shot.