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High angle
The camera is positioned to film the subject from above.
A scene in which the filmmakers deliberately and obviously mimic an element from another film, as a way of paying tribute to that film and its director.
In focus
Appearing clear and sharply defined.
A setting that is artificially created inside a film production company’s sound studio to look like an authentic location.
Intertextual reference
A narrative or stylistic reference to another film to evoke the audience’s memory of that film.
Invisible editing
Editing that goes unnoticed by the audience in order to create the ‘space of each scene’.
Ironic use of music
Accompanying a scene with ‘inappropriate’ music in order to create a juxtaposition between sound and visuals.
Jump cut
A stylized edit created by editing together shots that are not sufficiently different to warrant an edit, and therefore the image appears to ‘jump’.
Key light
A bright light close to the subject on a front diagonal that provides the primary source of light.
The manipulation of light to highlight specific elements in a scene so that they are presented in a particular way.