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Long focal length
A flattened-out perspective that makes the distances between objects appear less than they are.
Long take
A shot that continues for a longer than usual time without an edit.
Low angle
The camera is positioned to film the subject from below.
Match on action
An editing technique in which a movement of an object or character in one shot is continued in the second shot.
Medium close-up
A shot which has a ‘natural’ distance between the subject and the camera. A medium close-up captures important detail, but the subject being filmed does not fill the frame.
Medium long shot
A shot in which the subject or subjects in the foreground are equally balanced with what is in the background.
Medium shot
A shot which has a ‘natural’ distance between two or more subjects and the camera.
Mental subjectivity
The audience experiences the world from one character’s point of view. What the character sees, hears and thinks about everything around them is immediately apparent to the audience.
Microscopic shot
A shot using a special microscopic lens that enables objects to be filmed at an extremely small distance. This allows the audience to see detail that is invisible to the naked eye.
Middle focal length
Normal perspective.