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Mise en scène
All the visual elements within the frame: setting, lighting, costumes and acting.
Mixed genre
Films that follow tow or more sets of generic conventions and therefore belong to more than one genre.
Montage sequence
A sequence of shots used to depict long passages of time. A montage sequence is traditionally composed of a series of quick shots edited together by short dissolves accompanied by music.
Anything that is repeatedly used in a film to define or explain a character, or to suggest a theme. Sounds or musical phrases can also be motifs.
The reason(s) why the protagonist acts to achieve their goal in a classical Hollywood narrative.
The distribution of a film’s narrative information.
The sequence of events placed int eh correct order to create meaning.
Narrative structure
The framework, template or formula that the filmmakers use to unfold the narrative.
Nondiagetic element
An element, such as a title or background music, that exists only for the audience and not within the world of the film.
Nondiagetic insert
A shot of something that does not belong to the narrative of a film and which is inter-cut with other shots.