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where is...?
over there
over here
who are you?
I am your student
who is he?
he is my teacher
who is she?
she is my boss
where is the restaurant?
the restaurant is over there
where is the bar?
the bar is here
what is the problem?
no problem
what would you like to drink?
I want to drink beer
I want to drink tea
he doesn’t want to drink beer
what is that?
it is tea
I don’t know
do you have?
I don’t have
do you have any tea?
yes, I have tea
does he have beer?
yes, he has beer
where is the washroom
is it good to drink?
is the tea good to drink?
very good to drink
is the beer good to drink?
not good to drink
whose tea is this?
it is his tea
whose friend is he?
he is my friend