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sequent occupance
when different cultural groups replace each other in the same space over time
material culture
physical or tangible aspects of a culture, such as architecture or artifacts
an object with cultural significance
non-material culture
non-physical aspects of a culture, such as beliefs or behaviors
cultural divergence
the tendency of a group to disassociate from other cultures, typically to preserve all or some aspects of their own
cultural convergence
the mutual influence of cultures as they interact with one another
postmodern architecture
designed using wavy, crystalline, or bending shapes for homes and buildings
alike or the same
diverse or consisting of different parts
system in South Africa that used race to determine living spaces, job opportunities, and education opportunities
ethnic cleansing
process where a more powerful ethnic group forcibly removes a less powerful group
mass killing of a particular ethnic group, usually to eliminate the group entirely
irrational dislike or fear of Muslims or Islamic culture
irrational prejudice against either, but typically those perceived as being of the female sex
gender norms
ideas or expectations about how people should act based on their gender identity
the biological classification of differences, typically as being male or female
socially constructed characteristics usually but not always related to identification as a man or woman
system or society ruled or dominated by women
system or society ruled or dominated by men
irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries