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Pop & Folk Culture

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shared experiences, characteristics, and activities of a group of people who have a common heritage
folk culture
practiced traditionally by small homogenous groups living in isolated, rural areas
pop culture
practies shared by lots of heterogenous groups that are considered mainstream and diffuse over large areas
a restriciton agasint a certain behavior imposed by social custom
cultural landscape
The imprint of human activities on the physical environment
The blending together or synthesis of two or more cultures
Adapting to a new culture and losing nearly all of your original culture
Adapting to a new culture while still keeping some of your original culture
Collected stories, spoken-word hisotires, and writings that tell the history and morals of a specific culture
built environment
The human-made spaces and architectural forms where people live and work
sequent occupance
when different cultures replace eachother in the same geographic space over time
reptitive act of a group
reptitive act of an individual
People who were the orginal natives in an area
Cultural trait
Element of a culture such as language, religion, food
material culture
Physical evidence of a culture such as artifacts and architecture
non material culture
Abstract elements of a culture such as beliefs, social norms