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Bull Market
A Market in which share prices are constantly rising
Bull Pool
Large scale financers who attempted to inflate prices of shares artificially, by buying and selling shares amongst themselves
Buying on the margin
The purchasing of stocks by paying only a small percentage of the price and borrowing the rest
A sum of money paid annually by a company, to it's shareholders out of its profits
Dow Jones Index
American stock market index, shows how the stock market grows
Federal Reserve Board
The seven member board governing the central bank of the USA
Government securities
Bonds, notes and other investment instruments sold by the government to finance it's borrowing. Like shares in the government.
Rediscount rate
Rate of interest charged by the federal reserve bank for loans made to member banks
Someone who attempts to anticipate price changes, by buying and seling shares in the hope of making short term gains
Stock Market
The market in which shares in companies are traded
Ticker Tape
A paper strip on which messages are recorded in a telegraphic tape machine. Used in transmitting stock price information.