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Agriculture Adjustment Administration
Paid farmers not to plant crops and to kill off excess livestock
Tennessee Valley Authority
Constructed 20 dams, provided jobs, produced electricity- very successful!
National Recovery Administration
Created over 500 codes of practice, symbolised by blue eagle logo
Public Works Administration
Funded with $3.3 to spend on Public Works schemes
Civilian Conservation Corps
Gave men (17-24) work experience, paid $30 per month
Federal Housing Administration
Regulate rate of interest and terms of mortgage
Father Coughlin
Wanted banks to be nationalised. Had a radio show with 30 million viewers. Ridiculed by Roosevelt for ant-semitic views.
Francis Townsend
Wanted to do more for the elderly. Put forward a pension scheme. However miscalculated how it would work.
Upton Sinclair
Wanted to do more for the unemployed. Ran for governor of California- didn't get in.
Huey Long
Set up 'share our wealth' gained millions of supporters. Planned to run against Roosevelt in 1936 election, but was assassinated in 1935.
Supreme Court
Found 11 New Deal agencies unconstitutional.
Liberty League
Pressure group, who opposed the New Deal. Funded cases through the supreme court.
Emergency Banking Act
March 1933, FDR launched a national bank holiday, and investigated all banks