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Yellow dog contract
a labor contract whereby the employee agrees not to join a trade union.
Wickersham commission report
Links prohibition to crime, 1929.
Lend Lease
The agreement that Britain would receive American loans, in return for lending bases to the USA.
Nations legally declared to be at war
'Solid South'
The electoral dominance of the democrat party in the south
Manifest Destiny
The idea of spreading traditional American ideas throughout the world
Merchants of Death
US weapon suppliers of World War I that were blamed for the entry into an 'unnecessary war' with the motivation of profits in mind
Lever Act
1917 act also known as 'Fuel and food control act. Gave government more control over coal industry, but less control over oil, gas, food and beverages
Teapot Dome Scandal
Bribery incident that took place in the United States from 1920–1923, during the Harding Administration
Office of production mannagement
Supervised allocation of key resources during ww2 (changed to WAR PRODuCTION BOARD 1942)
Bonus Army
First economic sanctions on Japan
7th December 1941
Pearl Harbour
Executive Order 9066
Japanese Internment
Feb 1945
July-August 1945
May 1945
Berlin Captured
Lend Lease and Destroyers for Bases
Naval Expansion Act
Campaign to back the US dollar with silver as well as gold, to allow for inflation to take place
Platt amendment
Passed by Congress in 1903 to justify American intervention into Cuba and other parts of Latin America
Foreign relations committee
Responsible for overseeing foreign affairs. Led by Henry Cabot Lodge during Wilson's administration
Adamantly opposed to the Treaty of Versailles
Wanted to amend the treaty of versailles, led by Lodge
Underwood-SImmons Act
Wilson decreased tariff
Teller amendment
Announced by congress before entry into Spanish war. Stated that the US believed the Cubans should be free.
UMW union strike
1902 mine workers strike, Roosevelt won them higher wages and shorter working hours.
Fordney-McCumber Tariff
Tariff increase as part of Republican Laissez-Faire attitude of the 1920s
Espionage and Sedition acts
Passed during WW1, to clamp down on radical individuals. Also used to pass the palmer raids
Integration of immigrants into their new society
Carnegie homestead steel strike
Example of a strike related to big businessmen, which ended in violence
'Brains Trust'
Advised Roosevelt, during his campaign for presidency
No banks closed in...