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500 AD - 1763 AD

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500 AD
Anglo-Saxon Conquest
1066 AD
Norman Conquest
1215 AD
Magna Carta
1381 AD
Peasants Revolt
1415 AD
1485 AD
Battle of Bosworth
Henry VIII Ascends
1535 AD
Execution of Thomas More. Break with Rome
1553 AD
Catholic Restoration. Bloody Mary
1588 AD
Spanish Armada Defeated
1611 AD
King James Bible
1625 AD
Charles I Ascends. Cromwell
1649 AD
Charles I executed
1660 AD
Restoration of Charles II
1688 AD
Glorious Revolution. King / Queen Invited by parliament
1690 AD
Battle of the Boyne. James II attempts to regain his crown
1707 AD
Union of England and Scotland by law
1721 AD
First prime Minister (Robert Walpole)