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Roman Britain

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43 AD
Emperor Claudius orders the invasion of Britain
47 AD
Iceni tribe revolt against a Roman order to surrender their weapons
AD 61
Romans campaign against the druids in the far west of Britain / Roman army defeats a major revolt under Boudicca
71 AD
Vespasian, first emperor of the new Flavian dynasty, orders further conquests in Britain
78 AD
Romans invade Mona (Anglesey) and destroy centre of druidism
c. Summer 87 AD
Northernmost legionary fortress in Britain is evacuated
AD 122
Emperor Hadrian orders the construction of a wall across northern Britain
c. Summer 142 AD
Construction of the Antonine Wall, north of Hadrian's Wall, begins
c. Summer 163 AD
Antonine Wall is evacuated and Romans withdraw to Hadrian's Wall
Winter 211/212 AD
Britain is divided into two separate Roman provinces.
314 AD
The Edict of Milan ends persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire
Summer 367 AD
'Barbarian' raiders launch a coordinated attack on Roman Britain
c. Summer 400 AD
Roman troops are withdrawn from Britain to defend Italy
c. Summer 409 AD
Britons throw off their allegiance to Rome
c. Summer 410 AD
Britons send a vain appeal for military assistance to the Roman emperor