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Principles of Pharmacology

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The study of the use, effects, metabolism, and action of drugs in the body
The study of the movement of drugs within the body
the drug is brought into the bloodstream through the route of administration
the spread of the drug to the site of action
the breakdown of the drug inside the system (usually occurs within the liver)
the elimination of the drug (usually occurs within the kidney)
The study of the effects of the drug on the body
Therapeutic Response
the desired effect of the drug
Side Effect
an effect of the drug aside from the desired effect (can be positive or negative)
Adverse Effect
an unwanted, harmful side effect caused by a drug
Drug Interaction
a special occurence between two or more drugs
Negative Interaction
one drug decreases or eliminates the effect of another drug
Synergistic Interaction
when two drugs interact and create an effect significantly stronger than they would alone
decreased response over time to a drug
Therapeutic Range
A dosage range at which the drug is effective (below, the drug will have no effect; above, there will be side effects)
the amount of time it takes for half of the drug to leave the system
the amount of time after being taken that the drug requires to show effect
how long the effects of the medication last
Peak Activity
the point in time when the medication is at its strongest
a protein on a cell membrane that drugs bind to
a drug that mimics the action of a receptor
a drug that blocks the action of a receptor