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Discourse and graphology

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the way in which texts are organised into coherent wholes; describes the structure of any text (or segment of text)that is longer than a single sentence
discourse structure
the way the text is structured, according to the typical features of the text's genre
discourse marker
word or phrase marking a shift in conversation.
use of conjunctions such as: and, also, too, in addition, furthermore
conjunctions showing consequence
use of conjunctions such as: so, therefore, thus, as a result, consequently
comparative conjunction
similarly, likewise, just as, as well, also, but, however, whereas, and, yet, on the contrary, on the other hand
temporal conjunctions
later, next, now, soon, afterwards
firstly, then, finally
summative conjunction
in conclusion, on the whole, with all things considered
This language level is concerned with the visual elements of a text, both verbal and non-verbal, for example shape, image, colour, space and typography.
Font type, size, colour, emboldening, italicising, underlining and any other modifications to font types.
cultural model
An organisational structure based on shared and agreed criteria by groups of people within a society.
iconic sign
A direct picture of the thing it represents. They tend to offer a straightforward representation of what they stand for.
symbolic sign
An image that draws on association or connotation. It is usually based on existing cultural models.