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At the Post Office

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Mhaka hî chit post korûnk zai
I'd like to post this letter
Ti tum koshi dadûnk sodhtai?
How do you want to send it?
Air maillint
By air mail
Tuka bara rûpia podhtélét
That will be twelve rupees
Mhaka thodim Hawai Potr-forma melot?
Can I have some Aerogramme forms?
Tûka kitlim zai?
How many do you want?
Panch. Kitlé posiché podhtéléit
Five. How much will they cost?
Tis Rûpia
Thirty Rupees
Mhaka thodé stamps mélot?
Can I buy some stamps here?
Hôi tôr! Kitlé zai?
Of course, What would you like?
Mhaka hem parcel airmailint dadunk zai
I wish to send this parcel by air mail
Tem tuka mharôg podtélém
It will be expensive
Tem dhadûnk kitlé poishé pódtélé?
How much will it cost to send it?
Matsó rav. Hanv vozon korûn sangtam
Just a minute. I'll weigh and see
Mhaka recît melot?
Can I have a receipt please?
Hó poi tuzó recît melot
Here's the receipt
Hî chit khuim ghalûm?
Where can I post this letter?
Tea bóxant ghal
Put the letter in the box over there
Chod dev bórém kôrûm
Thank you very much