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_______ name an action or describe a state of being.
action, linking, and helping
The three types of verbs are:
Action verbs
_______ ______ tell what the subject does.
transitive or intransitive
Action verbs can be ____________ or _____________.
Transitive verbs
________ _______ need a direct object.
direct object
A _______ _______ will follow a transitive verb.
Intransitive verbs
__________ _________ do not need a direct object.
who, what
To determine if a verb is transitive you will be able to answer the question _______ or ________ after the verb.
Linking verbs (or Copular verbs)
_________ _______ join the subject and the predicate. They do not show action. Instead, they help the words at the end of the sentence name or describe the subject.
linking verbs
(Be, feel, grow, seem, smell, remain, appear, sound, stay, look, taste, turn, become. Also, forms of to be, such as am, are, is, was, were, am being, can be, and have been), are some of the most common:
linking verbs
Many _________ _______ can also be used as action verbs.
am, are, is
To determine whether a verb is being used as a linking verb or an action verb, substitute __, ___, or ___ for the verb. If it makes sense, the original verb is a linking verb.
Helping verbs
_________ _______ are added to another verb to make the meaning clearer.
Helping verbs
________ ________ include any form of (to be, do, does, did, have, has, had, shall, should, will, would, can, could, may, might, and must).
Verb phrases
_____ ______ are made up of one main verb and one or more helping verbs.
regular verbs
Those verbs that form their past participle with ‘d’ or ‘ed’ are called __________ _________.
Irregular verbs
Those verbs that undergo substantial changes when changing forms between tenses are __________ _______.
English has ___ parts of speech.
adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, interjections, nouns, prepositions, pronouns, verbs
The 8 parts of speech are: (AAC-IN-PPV)
part of speech
The way a word is used in a sentence determines what ____ ___ _____ it is.
(Have to, used to, need to, ought to, tend to) are called _____-______.
main verb
He (works) for the BBC. (type of verb)
I'm really (frightened) of spiders.
countable noun (or count noun)
I need a new (dishwasher). (What type of noun?)
uncountable noun
Can you give me some (advice) about studying?
I hate (walking) in the rain.
auxiliary verb
(Do) you like fish?
modal verb
(Can) you swim?
(She) hates getting up early.
adverb (of frequency)
I (never) drink coffee late at night.