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Identifying FORM of Tenses

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simple present
Subject + base form / base form + 's'.
present continuous
Simple present of 'to be' + verb + ing (present participle).
simple past
Subject + base form + ed (regular verbs).
simple past continuous
Subject + was/were + verb + ing (present participle).
present perfect
Subject + has/have + past participle.
present perfect continuous
Subject + has/have + been + verb + ing (present participle).
past perfect
Subject + had + past participle.
past perfect continuous
Subject + had been + verb + ing (present participle).
simple future
Subject + will + base form / Subject + be + going + to-infinitive.
simple future continuous
Subject + will be + verb + ing (present participle) / Subject + be + going + to + be + verb + ing (present participle).
future perfect
Subject + will have + past participle.
future perfect continuous
Subject + will have been + verb + ing (present participle).
simple past of irregular verb
I (took) a train to Brighton. (tense of the verb).
adverb of frequency
He (never) closes drawers properly.
I work (hard).
object pronoun
They hate (him).
I, me, my, mine
First person singular:
we, us, our, ours
First person plural:
you, your, yours
Second person singular:
you, your, yours
Second person plural:
he, him, his, she, her, hers, it, its
Third person singular:
they, them, their, theirs
Third person plural: