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Phonological Terms

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The smallest unit of sound which changes meaning.
Languages which stress the content words and squash up the functional unstressed words to fit in.
The music of the language including sentence stress, tones etc.
weak form
The unstressed form of a functional word like 'and' (often includes a schwa).
strong form
The stressed form of a functional word, e.g. (from) sounds the same as it's written.
The study of phonemes, word stress, sentence stress and intonation.
The most common vowel sound - it's always unstressed, e.g. the last vowel sound in (mother).
word stress
The prominent syllable in a word, which stands out as being longer, louder and having a pitch change.
Languages where the length of the utterance depends on the number of syllables.
consonant cluster
Two or more consonant sounds together, e.g. (SPR)ing.