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Degrees of Adjectives

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positive, comparative, superlative
The degrees of comparison are known as:
The _________ is used when we want to compare two things.
The _________ is used when we want to compare three or more things.
____ can express degrees of modification.
-er, -est
The inflected suffixes _____ and _____ suffice to form most comparatives and superlatives.
____________ is the change of form that words undergo to mark such distinctions as those of (case, gender, number, tense, person, mood, or voice).
A __________ is the word stock of a language.
A ___ is a fundamental unit of the lexicon of a language which exists regardless of any inflectional endings it may have or the number of words it may contain.
A ___________ is the smallest meaningful unit in the grammar of a language.
Another word for the vocabulary of a language
inflection or inflexion
In grammar, __________ or __________ is the modification of a word to express different grammatical categories.
tense, mood, voice, aspect, person, number, gender, and case
The grammatical categories are:
__________ is the inflection of verbs.
___________ is the inflection of nouns, adjectives and pronouns.
A free morpheme (or a content morpheme)
The (car) part in (cars).
A bound morpheme
The (-s) part in (cars).
Words that are never subjected to inflection are said to be:
___________ is the alternation of sounds within a word that indicates grammatical information (often inflectional).