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verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs
Adverbs are words that describe:
when? where? how? to what extent?
Adverbs answer the questions:
Most adverbs are formed by adding ________ to an adjective.
Use an adverb to describe a _______.
Use an adverb to describe an _________.
Use an adverb to describe another _________.
conjunctive adverbs
Accordingly, again, also, besides, consequently, finally, for example, furthermore, however, indeed, moreover, on the other hand, otherwise, nevertheless, then, therefore, are all:
Adverbs of manner
__________ ___ __________ answer 'how was it done?' - (beautifully, quickly etc). Often end in (-ly), but also (hard, fast).
Adverbs of frequency
_________ ___ _________ answer (how often?).
Adverbs of degree
_________ ____ _______ answer (how much?).
Adverbs of place and time
__________ ___ _______ ____ ______ answer (where/when?).
She sings (beautifully).