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Skeletal System

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Functions of the Skeletal System
Protection, Shape, Support, Movement and Blood Production
Joins muscle to bone enabling movement
Joins bone to bone, stabilising the joint
Long Bone
Generates strength and speed. E.g. Femur and Humerus
Short Bone
Shock absorption. E.g. Carpals and Tarsals
Flat Bones
Protection of vital organs and muscle attachment to enable movement. E.g. Ribs and Cranium
Irregular Bones
Provides shape and protection. e.g. Vertebrae
A place where two or more bones meet
Fixed Joint
Joint is immovable. E.g. Cranium
Slightly Movable Joint
Allows a small amount of movement. E.g. Vertebrae
Synovial or Freely Moveable Joint
Allows a wide range of movement. E.g. Shoulder and Hip
Ball and Socket Joint
Allows movement in all directions. E.g. Hip and Shoulder
Hinge Joint
Allows flexion and extension. E.g. Elbow and Knee
Pivot Joint
Allows rotation. E.g. The atlas and axis of the neck joint
Movement away from the mid-line of the body
Movement towards the mid-line of the body
A decrease in the angle at a joint (bending)
An increase in the angle at a joint (straightening)
A circular movement around a fixed point