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When ligaments are overstretched or torn around a joint, eg twisted or sprained ankle
When a muscle or tendon is overstretched or torn, eg pulled muscle
Caused when blood vessels burst under the skin following impact
When the bones of a joint are wrenched apart
Tennis and Golf elbow
Damage to tendons caused by overuse
Open Fracture
When the bone breaks and comes out through the skin
Closed Fracture
When the bone breaks but stays inside the skin
Caused by impact with a sharp object
Grazes and Blisters
Caused by friction or rubbing
Caused by impact to the head, often knocking the person unconscious
Caused by heat and a lack of water. Leads to headache, light headedness, pale clammy skin and muscle cramps
Caused by excessive cold. The internal body temperature drops leading to shivering, cold pale skin, shallow breathing, confusion and tiredness
R.I.C.E - R
Rest. Stop activity to prevent further injury.
R.I.C.E - I
Ice. Apply an ice pack to reduce blood flow, pain and swelling
R.I.C.E - C
Compression. Wrap a bandage tightly around the area to reduce internal bleeding and swelling
R.I.C.E - E
Elevation. Raise the injury above heart level to reduce swelling and throbbing