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He is egotistical.
هُوَ مَغْرُور
She is irritable.
هِيَ عَصَبِيَّة
He is brave.
هُوَ شُجَاع
She is bold.
هِيَ جَرِئَة
He is cowardly.
هُوَ حَبَان
They are cowardly.
هُمْ حُبَنَاء
She is smart.
هِيَ ذَكِيَّة
They are smart.
هُمْ أَذْكِيَاء
He is stupid.
هُوَ غَبِيّ
They are stupid.
هُمْ أَغْبِيَاء
She is clever.
هِيَ شَاطِرَة
They are clever.
هُمْ شُطَّار
He is wise.
هُوَ حَكِيم
They are wise.
هُمْ حُكَمَاء