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Clothing Phrases

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He is wearing a hat.
يَلْبِسُ قُبَّعَةً
She is putting on a veil.
تَرْتَدِي حِجِابًا
He is taking off his shoes.
يَخْلَعُ حِذائَهُ
The shirt suits him.
اَلْقَمِيصُ يَلِيقُهُ
The blouse suits her.
اَلْبَلوزَةُ تَلِيقُهَا
He is adjusting his tie.
يُعَدِّلُ رَبْطَةَ عُنُقِهِ
She is shortening her necklace.
تُقَصِّرُ عِقْدَهَا
He is mending the suit.
يُصَلِّحُ الْبَدْلَةً
She is sewing the dress.
تُخَيِّطُ الْفُسْتَانَ