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The water is becoming black.
اَلْمَاءُ يَسْوَدُّ
blackening of the water
إِسْوِدَادُ الْمَاء
He is blackening the shoes.
يُسَوِّدُ الْحِذَاء
shoe blackening
تَسْوِيدُ الْحِذَاء
She is whitening her teeth.
تُبَيِّضُ أَسْنَانِهَا
teeth whitening
تَبْيِيضُ الْأَسْنَان
becoming blue
The ocean is becoming blue.
اَلْبَحْرُ يَزْرَقُّ
The leaves are becoming green.
اَلْأَوْرَاقُ تَخْضَرُّ
becoming green
The sky is becoming red.
اَلسَّمَاءُ تَحْمَرُّ
reddening of the sky
اِحْمِرَارُ السَّمَاء
The banana is becoming yellow.
اَلْمَوْزَةُ تَصْفَرُّ
yellowing of the banana
إِصْفِرَارُ الْمَوْزَة