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Cooking Phrases I

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They are having dinner.
هُمْ يَتعَشُّون
They are cooking meat.
هُمْ يَطْبُخُون لَحْمًا
She is pouring the tea.
هِيَ تَصُبُّ الشَّاي
He is boiling the water.
هُوَ يَغَلِي المَاء
She is boiling the vegetables.
هِيَ تَسْلُقُ الْخَضْرَوَات
He is dissolving the salt.
هُوَ يُذَوِّبُ الْمِلْحَ
She is melting the butter
هِيَ تُسَيِّحُ الزُّبْدَ
He is baking sweets.
هُوَ يَخْبِزُ حَلَوِيَاتٍ
She is stirring coffee.
هِيَ تُحَرِّكُ قَهْوَةً
He is mixing spices.
هُوَ يَخْلِطُ بَهَارَاتٍ