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to buy
a thing
una cosa
to want
I want to buy a beer
quiero comprar una cerveza
I want to buy something
quiero comprar algo
what thing?
¿qué cosa?
a market
un mercado
let's go to the market
vamos al mercado
to go shopping
ir de compras
let's go shopping
vamos de compras
there is, there are
an ATM
un cajero
a pharmacy
una farmacia
there is a big pharmacy
hay una farmacia grande
a kiosk
un quiosco
there is a small kiosk
hay un quiosco pequeño
a shop
una tienda
there are many people
hay mucha gente
there are many shops
hay muchas tiendas
a supermarket
un supermercado
a car
un coche
a taxi
un taxi
is there an ATM?
¿hay un cajero?
is there a supermarket?
¿hay un supermercado?
a bank
un banco
there are no banks
no hay bancos
there are no desserts
no hay postres
there are many big cars
hay muchos coches grandes
a bookshop
una librería
there are many small bookshops
hay muchas librerías pequeñas