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Sección 43: Dar regalos 2

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my grandmother doesn't want anything but I have to buy her a present
mi abuela no quiere nada pero le tengo que comprar un regalo
I have to give her something but I don't know what
tengo que darle algo (a ella) pero no sé qué
for you
para ti
for him
para él
is it for you?
¿(esto) es para ti?
is it for him?
¿es (esto) para él?
I don't want to eat anything today
no quiero comer nada hoy
he doesn't want to give her anything
(él) no quiere darle nada (a ella)
he has to buy her something
(él) tiene que comprarle algo (a ella)
we have to give them something to drink
tenemos que darles (a ellos) algo de beber