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one thousand
two thousand
dos mil
three thousand
tres mil
nineteen forty-five
mil novecientos cuarenta y cinco
nineteen eighty-two
mil novecientos ochenta y dos
nineteen ninety-seven
mil novecientos noventa y siete
two thousand and one
dos mil uno
two thousand and ten
dos mil diez
two thousand and fourteen
dos mi catorce
two thousand and seventeen
dos mil diecisiete
four hundred and twenty-five
cuatrocientos veinticinco
six hundred and forty-two
seiscientos cuarenta y dos
eight hundred and one
ochocientos uno
three thousand four hundred and eighteen
tres mil cuatrocientos dieciocho
five thousand two hundred and one
cinco mil doscientos uno
eight thousand six hundred and forty
ocho mil seiscientos cuarenta
four hundred and twenty-two
cuatrocientos veintidós
eight hundred and seventy-one
ochocientos setenta y uno
ten thousand one hundred and ninety-three
diez mil ciento noventa y tres