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I don't want to do anything
no quiero hacer nada
he doesn't want to watch anything
(él) no quiere ver nada
a world
un mundo
a play
una obra de teatro
a garden
un jardín
he wants to see the world
(él) quiere ver el mundo
he wants to see a play in the theatre
(él) quiere ver una obra en el teatro
a party
una fiesta
a club
un club
with him
con él
do you want to come to the party with me?
¿quieres venir a la fiesta conmigo?
do you want to go to the cinema with him?
¿quieres ir al cine con él?
would love
to get up
I would love to but I have to get up early tomorrow
me encantaría pero (yo) me tengo que levantar temprano mañana
with you
I would love to go to the club with you
me encantaría ir al club contigo
no one
todo el mundo
no one wants to hang out with me
nadie quiere salir conmigo
why not?
¿por qué no?
of course everyone wants to hang out with you
claro que todo el mundo quiere salir contigo
they don't want to buy anything
(ellos) no quieren comprar nada
we want to eat in the garden
queremos comer en el jardín
do you want to come to the club with me?
¿quieres venir al club conmigo?
he would love to have dinner with you
(a él) le encantaría cenar contigo
everyone wants to hang out with me
todo el mundo quiere salir conmigo