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‘An underlying characteristic of a person’ ‘motive, trait, skill, aspect of one’s self-image or social role, or a body of knowledge’.
Confidentiality agreement
An agreement restricting an employee from disclosing confidential or proprietary information.
Constructive dismissal
1. Coercion by threats to act promises to refrain and includes a resignation given as an alternative to be dismissed. 2. A breach of duty by the employer leading a worker to resign.
Contingent workers
Employees who may be: casual labour, part-timers, freelancers, subcontractors, independent professionals and consultants.
Core competencies
The skills, knowledge and abilities which employees must possess in order to successfully perform job functions which are essential to business operations.
Core Labour Force
A small group of permanent workers, for example, strategists, planners.
Cyclical unemployment
A form of unemployment – rises in times of economic recession and falls in times of prosperity. Now shows signs of being able to withstand increased prosperity.
The removal of entities such as financial markets, road and transport from governmental control.
Disciplinary procedure
A procedure carried out in the workplace in the event of an employee committing some act contrary to terms of the employment agreement. If the act is regarded as Gross Misconduct this may lead to Summary Dismissal.
Emotional Intelligence
Describes the mental ability an individual possess enabling him/her to be sensitive and understanding to the emotions of others as well as being able to manage their own emotions and impulses.