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‘Knowledge, Skills and Abilities’ - Key Performance Indicators. Tasks that have been agreed between an employee and line manager/HR with an expectation that they will be completed satisfactorily in the time agreed or as an ongoing task.
Labour force mobility
The willingness of potential employees to travel or move to where work is offered.
Leadership Development
Formal and informal training and professional development programmes designed for all management and executive level employees to assist them in developing the leadership skills and styles required to deal with a variety of situations.
Lump sum payment
A fixed negotiated payment which is not typically included in an employee’s annual salary. Often times given in lieu of pay increases.
Matrix organisation
An organisational structure where employees report to more then one manager or supervisor.
A one-to-one process between an outside trainer and an employee, whereby the former will ‘train’ the latter. See also Coaching.
Minimum wages
The lowest level of earnings of employees set by Government.
The process of discussion with a view to mutual settlement usually by the means of a conference.
Observation interview
The process of observing employees while performing their respective jobs or tasks used to collect data regarding specific jobs or tasks.
Occupational health and safety – the law relating to the health and safety of personnel at work.