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The Criminal Courts and Lay People - Legislation

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Magna Carta
People have a right to be judged by their peers.
Juries Act 1974
The basic qualifications for jury service.
S17 Juries Act 1974
The foreman is required to announce the verdict in open court, confirming the numbers agreeing and disagreeing if not unanimous.
Criminal Justice Act 2003
Disqualifications from jury service.
Criminal Justice Act 2003
Abolished the exemption of certain professions from jury service.
Criminal Justice Act 2003
A trial can be held without a jury.
Criminal Justice Act 1967
Introduced majority verdicts.
Contempt of Court Act 1981
It is a Contempt of Court to discuss a trial except with other jury members and only when all 12 are present.
S11 Courts Act 2003
The Lord Chancellor may dismiss a lay justice for certain reasons.