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Statutory Interpretation - Legislation

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Town and Police Clauses Act
Cheeseman v DPP - Was the man guilty of willfully and indecently exposing himself according to this Act?
Offences Against The Person Act 1861
Bigamy is listed as an offence in this Act.
Official Secrets Act
'in the vicinity of a prohibited place' - The Act from Adler v George.
Street Offences Act 1959
Soliciting in a public place was prohibited in this Act - Smith v Hughes.
Abortion Act 1967
Registered medical practitioners can carry out abortions thanks to this Act.
Housing Act 1988
Fitzpatrick v Stirling Housing Association - Lists who can take over tenancy of a house.
Race Relations Act
Jones v Tower Boot Co - This Act says that employers are liable for employees actions 'in the course of their employment.
Lord Denning
This lord said that it is the task of judges to discover Parliament's intentions and carry them out.
Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990
R (Quintaville) v Secretary of State for Health - This Act includes CNR embryos as CNR did not exist in 1990 so Parliament could not have intended any distinction.
Housing Act 1985
The Act mentioned in Kensington and Chelsea LBC ex p Kihara.
Interpretation Act 1978
This Act gives definitions of certain words.
Rent Act 1977
The Act referring to housing in Mendoza v Ghaidan.
Criminal Evidence Act 1898
This Act did NOT force an individual to give evidence in a case against his/her spouse.
Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984
This modern Act forces an individual to give evidence against their spouse in a criminal trial.