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Social-Cognitive Perspective
views personality as the interaction between thoughts, actions, and social context
Reciprocal Determinism
the interacting influences of behavior, internal cognition, and environment
Personal Control
the extent to which people perceive control over their environment rather than feeling helpless
External Locus of Control
the perception that chance or outside forces determine your fate
Internal Locus of Control
the perception that you control your own fate
learned helplessness
the hopelessness and passive resignation learned when unable to avoid repeated aversive events
Positive Psychology
the scientific study of optimal human functioning; aims to discover and promote strengths that enable people to thrive
Martin Seligman
the pioneer of positive psychology; studied learned helplessness
Type A
ambitious, strict, hard-working, proactive personality type
Type B
laid-back, unstressed, reflective personality type
William Sheldon
the American psychologist who tried to correlate body type with personality
Sheldon's fatty type; jolly, emotional
Sheldon's muscular type; hardworking, social
Sheldon's skinny type; intelligent, sensitive