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Custody and Visitation

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Trial Stipulation
An agreement that certain issues will be litigated in a trial
Sufficiently different in essential legal characteristics so as to have no value as legal precident
Sole custody
The right of one individual to make all decisions concerning a child and to provide care for the child
Joint custody
Equally shared decision-making authority over a child
Guardian at Litem
A person appointed to represent the interest of a party to a court case when the party is under a disability such as infancy or mental incompetence
Medical, psychological, or social evaluations performed for the purpose of litigation
Expert Witness
A witness possessing knowledge about a subject not within the ken of the ordinary layperson
Lay Witness
An ordinary person possessing no special knowledge about the issue in question
In camera interview
Interview of a child by a judge in the judge’s chambers or robing room.
To become a party to a litigation by request because the outcome of the litigation will affect on the intervenor.
Writ of Habeas Corpus
A court order to produce a child who is being held allegedly in violation of the proper custodian’s rights.
Guardianship of the person
The legal authority to make decisions concerning the care or upbringing of a minor.
A notice to appear in court on a specified date.
Letters of guardianship
Legal papers authorizing an individual to act as guardian of a child.
Testamentary guardian
A guardian of a child appointed by will.
Standby guardian
A person who is authorized to take over as a child’s guardian if the parent should die or become incapacitated.
Home state
The state under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act that generally should hear a custody case
Takes control so that any conflicting state statute has no effect.